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Genes are not your destiny. They are your blueprint. Once you learn how to read the blueprint and make epigenetic improvements where there are weaknesses in the design, the foundation becomes healthier and more resilient. 

The genome is the complete set of DNA, and where you find the instructions to build health. Within those instructions, you will find the biochemical steps that govern deficiency and toxicity. Those biochemical steps have specific vitamin, mineral and amino acid requirements to do their job. Therefore what we find is that within the genome, it is nutrition that builds, maintains and sustains life. Nutrition is in fact, in our genes. 

Nutrigenomic Testing and the Nutrition Genome Report

The Genetrition™ software tests over 200 clinically relevant genes and determines your genotype for each gene. It does this by reading your DNA file from 23andme (ancestry.com coming soon). Once these genotypes are determined, the software provides you research on how to epigenetically improve any gene variants, strengthen the “chinks” in your armor and lower the probability of disease.

Click on the link below to see a preview of the Nutrition Genome Report.

Nutrition Genome Report Preview