23andme Eliminates Many Genes With New V5 Chip | Nutrition Genome

23andme Changes to V5 Chip

Just recently, 23andme changed to a V5 chip for DNA sequencing. They have not released an official statement yet for why they made this change, but what we do know is that the new DNA data file does not include many of the genes that were tested with the previous chip.

For this reason, we no longer recommend purchasing the 23andme kits for the genetic analysis through Nutrition Genome.

If you are a practitioner, the 23andme kits ordered before August 1st will still work with Nutrition Genome. If the kit was ordered in August, it will be missing many genes in the Nutrition Genome Report and any company that uses 23andme.

Nutrition Genome DNA Kits Soon to Launch

Fortunately, Nutrition Genome has been working on creating our own DNA kits and partnering with a lab before we discovered this change. We do not have the exact date of the availability yet, but we are excited to announce that we will be using a cheek swab saliva test so that toddlers and the elderly can also use our services.

Thank you for your patience during this transition, and know that all of us at Nutrition Genome are working hard to continue to provide this invaluable service.

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