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Practitioner Nutrigenomic Exam

Each module follows the same order as the training program. You will need to mark each unit as complete before going to the next one. The test for each section is available at the end of the final unit of each module.

You will need to score an 85% or better to pass each module and you have unlimited attempts. The test self-paced, and you can complete one module at a time and come back later if desired.

Module 1 Introduction and Digestion Section
Unit 1 The Beginning of Nutrition Genome
Unit 2 Introduction to Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics
Unit 3 How to Introduce Genetic SNP Testing to Your Patients
Unit 4 Navigating the Nutrition Genome Report
Unit 5 Digestion Section and Macronutrient Intake
Unit 6 Clinical Connection to FUT2 and Diversified Plant Intake. Exam for Module 1.
Module 2 Digestion Section
Unit 1 Digestion Section and Folate Levels
Unit 2 Determining Choline Requirements
Unit 3 Clinical Connection to Pregnancy, Mood and Mental Health
Unit 4 Clinical Connection to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Exam for Module 2.
Module 3 Methylation Section
Unit 1 The Methylation Cycle
Unit 2 Clinical Connection to B12 and Lithium in the Methylation Cycle. Exam for Module 3.
Module 4 Hormone Section
Unit 1 DI01, DI02 and Thyroid Health
Unit 2 Clinical Connection to Estrogen Metabolism Gene Variants. Exam for Module 4.
Module 5 Neurotransmitters and Mental Health Section Part I
Unit 1 Genetic Variants, Emotional Epigenomics and Serotonin Levels
Unit 2 The Connection to Gene Function, Dopamine and Adrenaline Levels
Unit 3 Understanding the GAD1 Genes for Glutamate and GABA. Exam for Module 5.
Module 6 Neurotransmitters and Mental Health Section Part II
Unit 1 Glutamate Levels and the Genes BDNF and SLC17A7
Unit 2 The APOE Gene. Exam for Module 6.
Module 7 Inflammation and Antioxidant Protection Part 1
Unit 1 Nitric Oxide Genes and Inflammatory Disorders
Unit 2 SOD2, SOD3, Catalase and Inflammation
Unit 3 Clinical Connection to the Antioxidant Genes and Chemotherapy. Exam for Module 7.
Module 8 Inflammation and Antioxidant Protection Part II
Unit 1 Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant and Key to Longevity
Unit 2 Inflammation, The Antioxidant Genes and Eye Disorders
Unit 3 Estrogen and Testosterone's Influence on Antioxidant Status. Exam for Module 8.
Module 9 Detoxification Section
Unit 1 The Cytochrome P450 SNPs
Unit 2 COQ10 and Vitamin K2 Genes. Exam for Module 9.
Module 10 DNA Protection, Damage and Repair Section
Unit 1 Understanding DNA Protection, Damage and Repair
Unit 2 ATM, ESR2 and Tp53 Genes for Pancreatic, Breast, Prostate and Skin Health
Unit 3 MLH1 and GATA3 Genes for Colon Health. Exam for Module 10.
Module 11 Cardiovascular Health and Athletic Performance Section
Unit 1 The Cardiovascular Genes
Unit 2 The Microbiome, TMAO Levels, Oxysterols and Cardiovascular Risk
Unit 3 Interpreting the Genetic Results for Athletes. Exam for Module 11.
Module 12 Autoimmune Disorders, Breast Health, Infertility and Bone Health Section
Unit 1 Genetic Susceptibilities to Autoimmune Disorders
Unit 2 Genetic Susceptibilities to Infertility
Unit 3 The Genetic Connection to Bone Health. Exam for Module 12.
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