I was a medical puzzle for nearly 2 decades before Nutrition Genome. I was diagnosed with a childhood epilepsy disorder when I was a pre-teen, and doctors could never explain why I didn't outgrow it. Nutrition Genome solved the puzzle that literally dozens of neurologists couldn't. Through an analysis of my genetic mutations and the biological reactions they caused, as well as a review of what medications had been effective, Alex was able to explain the problem. And better yet--he provided a solution in the form of supplements and dietary shifts. I have decreased my medication 50% and am continuing to decrease. What's more, I have hope for a future where I don't have to take medication at all--something that hadn't ever been on the table for the last twenty years. I would highly recommend Nutrition Genome to anyone with any type of medical puzzle--it literally changed my life.
An ultrasound revealed that I had a condition I wasn’t supposed to have– NALFD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease). My doctor was stumped because I had none of the characteristics usually associated with this condition (e.g. high triglycerides, excessive body fat, metabolic syndrome) and to the contrary did triathlons and pursued a diet low in carbohydrates and sugar. After analyzing my 23andme genome results, Alex concluded that my NALFD was most likely the result of the fact that my particular gene variants left me with a much below normal ability to produce and utilize choline. Choline is essential for clearing fat from the liver. Alex also determined that I had an increased need for various B vitamins, particularly methyl folate which, if it is low, can further deplete choline. After reading Alex’s report, my doctor agreed that the choline deficiency was probably at the root of my problem and that Alex’s diet and supplementation suggestions were the best way to address these conditions. As an added bonus, after following Alex's program I've also experienced improved mental clarity and better memory because, as it turns out, choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter. Thank you Alex!"
“Thank you Alex! You can’t imagine how many doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more I have seen in the past 10 years. I think I got more practical understanding of my issues from one hour with you than all of them combined. I’m very grateful. Please let me know if you ever do any kind of program or training down the road that might interest me. I will be in touch.”
Our older daughter has especially improved as a result of our call. Her constant yawning shifted before school began and with regular zinc, C, and magnesium we noticed a huge leap. Our younger daughter is also now feeling awake and less tired in day- and when she wakes, it's easier to get out of bed. (She was at 50%) Hopefully this continues! I am back reading your notes again to see if there is another layer to take on next. There was so much to digest! Thank you!
Kirsten Bridge
Alex is absolutely brilliant. I began having partial mal seizures in 2006, but was never officially diagnosed or given any sort of treatment or medicine because doctors and specialists were unable to figure out what was triggering the episodes. In more recent years, the episodes seemed to be triggered most often with intense exercise. After going over everything with Alex, he suggested I start taking magnesium malate. Since I started supplementing, I have been seizure-free, which has improved my quality of life so much. Thank you Alex! 
Nutrition Genome is your own personal blueprint to a healthy happy life. I was so amazed by the information my report gave me, it clarified why I had suffered with certain ailments in the past, and became a reference point in times of illness after. I cannot thank Alex Swanson at Nutrition Genome enough for the time he took to present me with this detailed plan & great advice on moving forward with this knowledge. I wish every child could be armed with this body blueprint at birth. I never fail to recommend this to all my friends & family as it’s just an invaluable piece of life & body knowledge, that I wish everyone knew. Thank you so much!
My Nutrition Genome report and analysis by Alex Swanson was probably one of the more enlightening and empowering experiences that I've ever encountered in healthcare. When I initially received the report, I joked that it felt as if I had entered a "cheat code" in a video game, unlocking a ton of fascinating data previously hidden in my unique genetic blueprint. It was easy to pinpoint the good and the bad, and I left feeling excited that I now have the knowledge of how to counteract / support various genetic deficiencies through basic nutrition. Put another way, I now have the tools to play offense and target deficiencies naturally instead of potentially playing major defensive later on in life if I had continued on in the dark."
My Nutrition Genome Report dramatically changed my life. As a child, I would experience phases of panic attacks and high anxiety. In high school, I sought out psychiatric care. The psychiatrist put me on anti-anxiety medication. Unfortunately, I had an extreme psychological reaction to this medication when I combined it with an antibiotic for a sinus infection. Doctors solved this by putting me on more medications. For the past 9 years of my adult life, doctors kept me on medication and did not provide any clear answers as to why I had panic/anxiety as a child or why I had an extreme medication interaction. Then I had a Nutrition Genome analysis with Alex Swanson, and every mystery and question was answered. He connected the dots back to the onset of my symptoms at age 6 and provided a detailed explanation of every genetic reason I had an interaction to medication. My panic/anxiety was caused by genetic variants that lead me to have zinc deficiency and copper toxicity as a child. I also experience high levels of Glutamate (an excitatory neurotransmitter) and low levels of GABA (a calming neurotransmitter). My reaction to medication was due to a homozygous variant in the MAO-A Gene, numerous variants in GAD1 and FUT2 genes, and a homozygous MTHFR A1298C gene. The enlightening information Alex has shared with me has empowered me to fully take control of my health. For the first time in 9 years, I am medication-free and feeling healthier than I have in my entire life. I have a personalized toolkit of how to eat, supplement, exercise, and investigate any medication I come across in the future. What Alex is doing is above and beyond anything I have seen in healthcare; he solves mysteries that have stumped all my doctors. I highly recommend taking this empowering step toward optimal health. Thank you, Alex!
I have suffered for years on and off with vertigo.  Alex discovered in my genome report that I was not assimilating b12 correctly. I started taking a specific b12 and my vertigo is gone!
I recently learned that 45% of my optic nerve is dead.  My eye pressure is and has always been normal.  My eye exams have always been normal.  How does an optic nerve just die?  How do I preserve the remaining 55% of my optic nerve. The doctors don’t really know. This is what I presented to Alex Swanson.  Through research, Alex was able to determine that estrogen up-regulates blood flow to the optic nerve. I learned that NOS3 is found in the vasculature supplying retinal ganglion cells, which may affect the regulation of intraocular pressure and blood flow to the optic nerve. This is pivotal because genetically I have variants in NOS3 and consequently I have a history of being very low estrogen. Through bio-identical estrogen replacement therapy, I am hoping to preserve my remaining optic nerve tissue.