Nutrition Genome Exam



The Nutrition Genome exam is available for practitioners who would like to be featured our Find a Practitioner page for referrals. It is based on our online nutrigenomics and epigenomics training program and requires the following credentials to qualify to be listed on Nutrition Genome: MD, ND, DC, L.Ac., RDN, RN, IFM or a master’s degree or higher in nutrition or other science-related fields.



The Nutrition Genome exam consists of 11 modules and 185 questions. Each module follows the same order of the Nutrition Genome nutrigenomics training program and can be taken at your own pace. The exam requires a score of 85% or higher to pass each module. Upon completion of all the modules, you will be contacted by us to request a photo, biography and contact information to be added to our Find a Practitioner page.

*This exam does not provide a certification or licensing.