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We’ve compiled the questions most frequently asked by our customers, so you can find the answer you need immediately!

How do I contact you?

Click here to email us.

What will I find out from this analysis?

The Nutrition Genome Report is a digital health analysis and focuses on 8 health categories (Macronutrient Metabolism, DNA Protection & Repair, Hormone Health, Immune Support, Methylation, Mental Health, Detoxification, Cardiovascular Health & Athletic Performance that show where your vitamin and mineral requirements may be higher, which foods, drinks, drugs and toxins you may be most sensitive to, and how this applies to your family history and current blood work. This allows you to get a customized food list and in-depth research into the root causes of health issues based on your personal genetic and biochemical makeup. We specialize in epigenetics, informing you of what modifications to make in terms of your diet, lifestyle, and environment to change the expression of your genes, building a healthier you from the ground up. We include over 1,000 peer-reviewed sources as the foundation of our evidence-based approach.

We use cheek swabs for sample collection and run each sample on parallel arrays including Next Generation Sequencing technology for extremely accurate results.

Do these reports tell me which diseases I am at a higher risk for?

The Nutrition Genome Report does not focus on disease statistics based on SNPs. The analysis does give you an understanding of how deficiency or toxicity may play a role in affecting gene function and certain health disorders that run in your family, and what you can actively do to decrease the probability of disease through the epigenetic application of diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Where can I view a sample of the Nutrition Genome Report?

You can browse an overview of all of our health report content here.

If you are a healthcare practitioner, you can also download a walk through of our health report by clicking here.

If you would still like to see a complete sample health report in PDF format, please send us an email at

Can you delete all of my customer data after I receive my report?

Of course - just ask! Privacy always comes first, and please know that we never, ever sell customer genetic data. However, if you would like us to delete all of your data after you receive your report, just send us an email and export your report as a PDF from your dashboard. We'll then promptly delete all of your data and destroy your sample. The only downside to this is that you won't be able to receive any future updates to your report. 

Can you run the Nutrition Genome Report with the new V5 23andme raw data file?

Yes, however, we recommend running the V4 23andme txt files from before August 2017 (your txt. file will be labeled V4 or V5 file when you download it from 23andme). The current V5 chip is missing numerous genes. You can see the missing genes here.

Can you run the Nutrition Genome Report using the raw data?

No, our software isn’t compatible with due to many missing genes from their file and different heterozygous allele genotypes. We recommend using the raw DNA data file from from the V4 chip only, not V5 (txt. file from before August 2017).

Do you test BRCA1 or BRCA2?

No. Other DNA repair genes are analyzed and there is a section on ways to improve BRCA1 and BRCA2 (and other tumor suppressor genes) through diet if you have variants in a certain DNA repair gene.

Do you analyze genes for hormones and neurotransmitters?

Yes. Genes involved in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, the thyroid (T3 and T4) and all the neurotransmitters are analyzed. These genes can be very useful for understanding mental and emotional health.

When do I receive the generated report?

Once you purchase your Nutrition Genome DNA kit and send it to the lab, your analysis will be emailed to you in 5 weeks using a HIPAA compliant process.

If you are running an old V4 file from 23andme (before August 2017), you can upload the DNA txt. file and have your analysis emailed to you in minutes.

How do I set up a consultation with a doctor?

After you have purchased the Nutrition Genome DNA kit and Report, there is a list of practitioners that are trained in analyzing the Nutrition Genome Report if you would like a full consultation. You can contact them directly to make an appointment.

Do you ship internationally? What countries do you not ship to?

Yes, we offer international shipping through DHL International Priority (outbound shipping is free). Please note that we do not provide pre-paid return postage for international customers. Currently, we are NOT shipping to India, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Colombia, or the Philippines.

How is my DNA data protected? Do you store the data files?

Your DNA data file is uploaded to your dashboard through a HIPAA compliant version of Dropbox on our HIPAA compliant server. The DNA data files from the Nutrition Genome DNA kits are stored with our lab in case you lose it, but we do not sell your data. By request, we can delete your DNA data file from storage. We do not store the 23andme data files that are run through our software.

Can I use the Nutrition Genome txt. file for other software services?

No. All SNPs that are integrated into the Nutrition Genome report undergo three stages of quality assurance. Results that do not pass our QA are automatically filtered out of the report.

Our raw data txt file contains over 650,000 SNPs that are not used in the Nutrition Genome report. Since these SNPs are not used in our reporting, they are not subject to quality assurance and therefore are not provided to prevent incorrect interpretation.

I am a healthcare practitioner. Can I use this service in my practice?

Yes, please see the Practitioner page. The Nutrition Genome Report is designed to help you find the pathways that need the most assistance. When you line this up with family health history, personal health history, and blood work, it can help guide treatment and prevention.

What blood tests or other tests do you recommend?

It will depend on your health goals. Blood work (or urine for certain tests) that includes homocysteine, CRP, Lp(a), thyroid panel, testosterone (men), estrogen/progesterone/pregnenolone (women), vitamin D, Organic Acids Test, NutraEval and heavy metal testing are all compatible with the Nutrition Genome Report.

Do you have different pricing for practitioners?

Yes, we have a practitioner reseller program that offers substantial discounts based on volume tiers when ordering test kits for your practice. We also offer the option to stock our proprietary swab kits in your clinic and pay on net terms (if you process at least 15 samples per month). Please see the Nutrition Genome Practitioner page to sign up for our practitioner program. Note - this is not an affiliate program; it is a reseller / distribution program for healthcare professionals. 

Do you offer a discount to re-run my report when new genes and research are added?

We are currently building the personal dashboard that will allow you the option to update your Nutrition Genome Report as new genes and research are added. This is only available for the DNA kit version and not the 23andme version.

Can you use the Nutrition Genome kit for toddlers?

Yes. Unlike the spit tubes, our saliva swab allows you to collect a sample for toddlers.

Do you test APOE?


Does the Nutrition Genome Report report on food allergies?

No. The Nutrition Genome Report does not take into account food allergies. Food allergies are rarely connected to genetic results and are more often connected to alterations in the microbiome. 

What is your shipping method? Do you offer expedited shipping?

Domestically, we ship our DNA kits via USPS priority that takes 3-4 days at no cost to you. International purchases are shipped via DHL International Priority. Your sample return mailer is also pre-paid if you are in the U.S and is USPS Priority. International customers must source their own return postage to ship their sample to our lab. Please get in touch with us first if you have any additional needs for expedited outbound shipping, and we'll do our best to offer up alternate solutions! 

How do I download the 23andme V4 file?

Click here.

Do you do ancestry reports?


Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount when ordering three or more test kits. Please email us for your coupon code before ordering. 

If you are a healthcare practitioner, we also offer a practitioner reseller program with expanded volume discounts and the option to stock our proprietary swab kits in your clinic and pay us on net terms if you process 15 or more samples per month. Find out more details about our practitioner reseller program by visiting our Practitioner Page

Do you accept HSA (health savings account) cards to purchase the Nutrition Genome Report?

Yes, we accept HSA cards. Our understanding is that it requires a letter of medical necessity to be eligible for an FSA/HSA expense.

Is your lab CLIA and CAP certified?


Can I use the DNA file from Habit to run the 23andme version of the Nutrition Genome Report?

No, the DNA file from Habit does not have as many genes as the V4 file from 23andme.

Do you know if there are any negative implications with insurance companies, once I have my genome information in hand? Can they deny coverage of something based on my having this information?

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is a current federal law that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against individuals based on their genetic results. However, it gets a little complicated by state, what qualifies as a genetic risk, what does and does not need to be disclosed, future changes to the law, and because GINA does not cover disability, long-term and life insurance (unless individual states have changed this). If it is a concern, we would recommend talking to your insurance company first. 

What is your refund policy?

If you have run The Nutrition Genome Report with the 23andme DNA data file, we do not offer refunds because the report has already been created and sent.

If you have purchased the DNA kit and Nutrition Genome Report, we offer a full refund if your sample has not been sent in within 30 days of your purchase. If it is after 30 days or our lab has run your DNA analysis, we do not offer refunds.

Is SNP testing 100% certain?

It's important to begin by discussing the difference between the accuracy of your actual genotypes and the interpretation of what these genotypes signify from a nutrigenomic perspective. In terms of your genotypes - this is black and white. This is your foundational "blueprint", and your genotypes are not "up for debate".

However, in your Nutrition Genome report, when discussing the significance and meaning of your genotypes, from a nutrigenomic and epigenetic perspective, you will see language like "you may, you might, you could . . .". This is included for the following reasons:

  • Simply put, the company felt that due to the nature of epigenetics, it wasn't entirely fair to give someone a concrete (completely fixed) label. For example, certain genotypes (your foundational, linear blueprint) could suggest that you might have reduced enzyme function in a certain area. However, you could already be taking certain actions in your daily routine that epigenetically influence the expression of this particular gene, meaning you are able to naturally up-regulate gene function and correct the reduced enzyme function. This test is an analysis of your base genetic blueprint. It is a starting point so that you can identify potential weaknesses and then learn of various ways to epigenetically improve them.
    • A concrete example is that you might have genotypes that suggest (based on current research) that you might have difficulty efficiently transporting and recycling B12. However, this test cannot tell you your current B12 levels - it can just alert you to give special focus here (for example, testing intracellular levels). Again, you could already be taking various actions that up-regulate the function of these genes as well, so it's impossible to make a definitive statement. 
  • Genetics is still in its infancy. The Nutrition Genome report is unique in that it lists all of the peer reviewed literature consulted to create the report. We believe in full transparency and healthy debate. That being said, research changes, new hypothesis are proposed, tested, and adopted - until they are proven wrong again. Your report will be a living, breathing document that is continually updated as new research is validated and published.
  • As this is a "direct to consumer test", we always want to use as much caution as possible to make it extremely clear that we are not diagnosing any diseases.
Do you run quality assurance on all SNPs found in the raw data txt file?

All SNPs that are integrated into the Nutrition Genome report undergo three stages of quality assurance. Results that do not pass our QA are automatically filtered out of the report.

However, our raw data txt file contains over 650,000 SNPs that are not used in the Nutrition Genome report. Since these SNPs are not used in our reporting, they are not subject to quality assurance and are provided for general informational and educational purposes. Although this is customary in the industry, we do include call rate percentages (accuracy measurements) on each SNP in the raw data txt file for additional transparency.