Nutrition Genome Report


The Nutrition Genome report with current nutrigenomic research for each gene, custom grocery list, and recommended blood work using the DNA data file from for raw data files ordered before August 2017.


Automated Nutrigenomic Report by Genetrition™

*Due to changes that 23andme has made to their SNP testing, we currently do not recommend ordering the 23andme kit from August 2017 forward. 23andme changed their testing starting in August 2017 and removed many of the SNP’s previously tested for. 

Nutrition Genome is currently setting up our own DNA kit and lab and will launch soon. We are excited about the change and thank you for your patience!

  • If you ordered your kit from before August 2017, you are ready to go! If not, click here.
  • Current comprehensive SNP nutrigenomic research showing you what increases and decreases gene function
  • Custom genetic grocery list based on your highest vitamin and mineral needs, along with foods, additives, and drinks to avoid
  • Recommended blood work based on results

* It is recommended you bring this to your health care practitioner to compare health history, current health issues, blood work and goals with your results