What are the Benefits of Signing up for a Practitioner Account?

As a practitioner, you get exclusive discounts and access to clinical training material to maximize the benefits of the Nutrition Genome Report in your practice.

  • A 20% discount on the Nutrition Genome Report and DNA kit
  • Conveniently dropship DNA kits to your patients
  • Option for affiliate linking on your website for a 10% referral fee
  • Free exclusive access to a 12-week clinical nutrigenomic training

The Nutrition Genome Report covers 85+ clinically relevant genes in eight sections with over 600 research studies. The sections include:




-Neurotransmitters and Mental Health

-Inflammation and Antioxidant Protection


-DNA Protection, Damage and Repair

-Cardiovascular Health and Exercise Performance

The 12 week training program goes over each section to provide a deeper clinical understanding of the report. The results can be used for a wide range of clinical practice. Each section provides research for each specialty and training on how all of the sections weave together for optimal health.


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