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What is MTR?

MTR (methionine synthase) combines folate, methyl B12 and homocysteine into methionine. MTRR attaches a methyl group to B12, and variants here will slow the process. When both MTR and MTRR exist, dysfunction can occur.

Nitric oxide (NO) inhibits MTR and B12 from acting as a coenzyme for methionine synthase. and thus inhibits the cycle. Those with MTHFR and methylation defects already have limited MTR enzyme function.

A deficiency in B12, zinc, folate, and selenium, oxidative stress (especially from high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar) alcohol, candida, the birth control pill, lead, mercury, and cadmium (non-organic foods) all affect methionine synthase. Those with immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, Lyme’s Disease, fibromyalgia tend to have higher nitric oxide levels.

The Methylation Cycle: MTR

Below you can see the whole methylation cycle in action, and where MTR


What is MTR?

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